60 videos & downloads to help you succeed:

Pass every stage of the consulting application process

See if you are suited to the consulting industry

Find consulting firms that will suit your personality

Develop the skills & competences needed to succeed

Negotiate higher salaries


  • 20 short videos on the consulting industry: size, structure, geography, different firms and the pros & cons

  • 40 short videos on all aspects of the application process

  • 15 downloadable templates, cheat-sheets and score-cards to help applications

  • Live, hour-long monthly Q&A webinar for students

  • Facebook peer-support group

  • Content updated monthly

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Is Management Consultancy really for you?

    • What is management consultancy?

    • The benefit and costs of consulting

    • What do consultants do all day

    • The skills you need to thrive

  • 2

    How Consultancy Works

    • Understanding the consulting Industry

    • The drivers of growth

    • Strategy: Three Crucial Metrics

    • Trends that will shape your consulting career

  • 3

    Which Service, Sector and Location to work in

    • Where you should work and why

    • Overview of the Industry

    • Consulting by Service

    • Consulting by Sector

    • Consulting by Geography

    • The best firms to work for: by sector, geography and service

  • 4

    Employers, Pay and Work-Life Balance

    • Employers Pay and Work Life Balance

    • Types of consulting firms

    • Graduate pay

    • Best Firms For Graduates

    • Alternative to Consulting

  • 5

    Boost Your Future Career NOW!

    • Boost Your Future Career Now!!!

    • Hotspots to boost your consulting career

    • The consulting career structure

    • Promotions and the Up-Or-Out policy

  • 6

    CV's, Covering Letters and Online Applications

    • Introduction

    • The consulting recruitment process

    • When to apply

    • Write your consulting CV

    • CV score sheet: self-assessment

    • Write a perfect covering letter

    • Sample covering letter

    • Smash your online application

  • 7

    Mastering Numerical Tests

    • Introduction to numerical tests

    • Links to free numerical test practice

    • Short cuts

    • Estimating in numerical tests

    • Sample estimation questions

  • 8

    Mastering Consulting Behaviour, Personality and Situational Tests

    • Introduction: behavioural, personality and situational tests

    • Mastering consultancy behavioural / competency tests

    • Sample behavioural scoring

    • Mastering consultancy personality tests

  • 9

    Killing Consulting Interviews

    • Introduction to consulting interviews

    • Can you communicate?

    • Have you done your homework?

    • Good answers to WHY CONSULTING and WHY THIS FIRM

    • Ans

    • Can you tell a CV story?

    • Do you fit?

    • Fit / Partner interview questions

  • 10

    Group Assessments, E-Trays and Presentations: The 'Doing' Tests

    • Introduction to 'doing' tests: group assessments, etrays and presentations

    • Acing group / team assessments

    • Work simulations & e-tray tests for consultants

    • Consulting presentation tests

    • Ace consulting role-playing tests

  • 11

    Acing the Case Interview

    • Introduction to case interviews

    • MECE & the case interview

    • Live structuring / brainstorming session PART 1

    • Live structuring / brainstorming session PART 2

    • Live structuring / brainstorming session PART 3

    • Ace the case!

    • Case interview scoring sheet

    • Huge case interview practice pack

  • 12

    Winning the Endgame: Dealing with Consulting Offers

    • Dealing with consulting offers




Joe's course is tailored to providing students with a realistic overview of consulting. Joe's course lays the foundation for kick-starting your consulting career. As Joe has a consulting background himself, his advice is always on point, well-grounded and very helpful - can totally recommend!



Joe's insights into the recruitment process, especially the case, and partner interviews, were crucial in my acceptance at McKinsey



Your delivery of honest, relevant and timely advice to students considering a career in management consulting is really appreciated by students and staff alike at LUBS, and we hope to continue this successful relationship in future years



It was a delight to have you at WBS. You were wonderful and the students secretly said it was their best session so far. You have won them over



The insider tips, CV scorer, and behavioural interview templates were SO useful. Thank you so much. Your advice about the interviews was spot-on, even down to some of the questions they asked.



The feedback after [the interview] was great, and they especially liked the questions you suggested around utilisation and leverage. Thank you!!


KIM Plus Delta

The online training programme helped me get into the consultancy business. As a graduate is it always daunting to go through the selection process but Prof. O’Mahoney's course provided me with the necessary tools and skills to succeed in a fast-paced environment.


Deloitte Consulting

Joe coached me one-to-one with interview preparation and case studies as well as providing valuable insights of the industry. With his coaching, I was able to secure a job at Deloitte. Joe is a fantastic coach and an expert in consulting – I would recommend his services to anyone trying to get into the industry.


Joe can be booked as a speaker on any aspect of consulting: 

What are the pros and cons of management consulting?

How to land the dream consulting career

How to master the case-interview, the partner interview and behavioural tests

The truth about the Big 4 & MBB

A deep dive on international consulting work

Stories and warnings from the consulting coal-face