Consulting Mastered: Independence

Build an Outstanding Small Consultancy 

What is it? 

This is an evidence-based online course which will help you increase the number, quality and consistency of your clients, increase your day rates, reduce the time you spend on business development, increase the value of your firm, and reduce the stress and anxiety associated with sales. It is based upon fifty years’ experience of practical consulting experience in a variety of industries, but also on rigorous research on what the most successful small consultancies do.

Who is this course for?

You are an experienced and skilled manager or corporate consultant who has made the jump to independent consulting. The course is for you if you are….

  • …making reasonable income but feel you could achieve much more

  • …having limited success with proposals

  • …spending too much of your time on administration

  • …spending more time on projects than you quoted for

  • …are competing with too many other consultants resulting in low day rates

  • …feeling that you lack important skills in a crucial area

  • …are unsure of the strategy that you should pursue

  • …highly dependent on your first client or two. You need to diversify but are not sure how.

  • …focusing on being a consultant rather than running a consulting business

  • …inexperienced in sales and not sure where to focus your attentions

If you want to achieve extraordinary success as an independent consultant you need to work as much on the business as you do being a consultant. This means ensuring the business is positioned strategically to attract high quality work, and that the business builds processes to systematically attract leads, delivery quality work, capture experience and expertise, and improve your value. 

What do you get?

  • 30-Day Fast Track Step-by-Step Implementation Guide
  • 60 short videos to guide you through each phase
  • 12 downloadable templates and scripts to save you time re-inventing the wheel
  • Exclusive lifetime access to additional monthly Q&A webinars
  • Lifetime access to Facebook peer support group
  • Lifetime access to all content
  • A money-back guarantee of results 

Course Structure

  • Foundation: Building the base for achievement
    • Mindset: removing barriers to success
    • Strategy: clarity on the future
    • Planning: charting the course
  • Grow
    • Getting the basics right
    • Systems for success
    • Structuring the firm
    • Harnessing talent for growth
  • Attract: bring the best clients to you
    • Niche: fishing in the right pond
    • Finding & articulating your value
    • Expertise: systematise your greatest asset
    • Using digital to scale your leads
  • Convert
    • Mastering sales
    • Pipeline success: avoiding feast & famine
    • Writing killer proposals
    • Delivering outstanding presentations
  • Deliver
    • Communicating for success
    • Managing an outstanding project
    • Sharpening your research skills
    • Delivering a great project 

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Core: Introduction

    • How to Use the Course for Success

    • What a Successful Consultancy Does: Common Themes

  • 2

    Core: Mindset - Removing the Barriers to Success

    • Becoming The Boss

    • The Founder Mindset

    • Instilling Mindset

    • Scheduling Your Day

    • Dealing with Loneliness

  • 3

    Core: Strategy - Clarity on the Future

    • Niche Strategy

    • Your Clients, Services and Unique Value Proposition

    • Your Business Model Strategy

    • Your Value Strategy

  • 4

    Core: Planning - Charting the Course

    • Prioritising Activities

    • Create a Plan for Success

  • 5

    Grow: Getting the Basics Right

    • Naming the Firm

    • Financial Control

    • Managing

    • Administration

  • 6

    Grow: Systems for Success

    • Creating and Automating Key Systems & Processes

    • Capturing Knowledge & Experience

    • Commodifying Services

    • Automation vs. Personal Relationships

  • 7

    Grow: Structure & Values

    • Organisation (see Dom Moorhouse)

    • Networks

    • Values & Culture

  • 8

    Grow: Harnessing Talent

    • You

    • Finding a Partner

    • Using Associates

    • Being an Associate

    • Using a VA

  • 9

    Attract: Niche - Discovering the Niche

    • Who is the Ideal Client?

    • How to Find Them

    • Researching the Niche

    • How to Talk to Them

  • 10

    Attract: Niche - Moving to the Niche

    • What Are You NOT Going to Do?

  • 11

    Attract: Niche - Client Segmentation

    • Segmentation

    • Dropping Clients

  • 12

    Attract: Finding & Articulating Value - Positioning Value

    • Researching the Niche

    • Competitor Analysis

    • Value Messaging

  • 13

    Attract: Finding & Articulating Value - Unique Value Proposition

    • Unique Value Proposition

  • 14

    Attract: Finding and Articulating Your Value - Branding

    • Branding

  • 15

    Attract: Expertise - Systematise your Greatest Asset

    • Systematising Referrals

    • Thought Leadership; Write for Yourself & Write for Others

    • Webinars - Generating Leads Automatically

    • Using Talks, Vlogs, Blogs and Podcasts to Generate Leads

    • Efficient Networking

    • Using Surveys to Build Contacts and Create IP

  • 16

    Attract: Using Digital to scale your leads

    • Websites: Making it Easy for Clients to Reach You

    • Websites: What to Have on Your Home Page

    • Websites: What to Remove

    • Websites: Evidence

    • SEO Keywords

    • CRM System & Client Relationships: Creating Consistent Value

    • LinkedIn

    • Funnels

    • Creating Lead Magnets

  • 17

    Convert: Pipeline Success - Avoiding Feast and Famine

    • Creating Your Pipeline

    • Managing Your Pipleine

  • 18

    Convert: Writing Killer Proposals - Proposal Management

    • When Not to Write Proposals

    • Tracking Access & Getting a Response

    • Follow-Up Schedules

  • 19

    Convert: Writing Killer Proposals - Writing

    • USP / So What? / Why You?

    • Value

    • Narrative

    • Tiered Offering

    • Upskilling / Knowledge Transfer

  • 20

    Convert: Writing Killer Proposals - Pricing

    • Raising Your Fees

    • Value vs. Time & Materials

    • How to Price (incl. Upfront)

  • 21

    Convert: Delivering Outstanding Presentations

    • Do You Need a Presentation?

    • Designing

    • Delivering

  • 22

    Convert: Tactics for Success

    • Minding Revisited: Get a Decision

    • Crafting a Client Experience

    • Switching the Type of Conversation

    • Discovery Offers

    • Land & Expand - Asking Clients What They Want

    • Procurement; Preferred Supplier Lists

    • Retainers

    • Scripts

    • Contracts

  • 23

    Deliver: Communicating For Success

    • Stakeholder Management

    • Negotiation

    • Managing Scope Creep

    • Conflict Management

    • Client Etiquette

  • 24

    Deliver: Managing an Outstanding Project

    • Project Management

    • Project Governance

    • People Management

  • 25

    Deliver: Sharpening your Research Skills

    • Designing & Conducting Surveys

    • Interviewing

    • Thinking Differently About Research

    • Analysis

  • 26

    Deliver: Delivering an Outstanding Project

    • Problem Definition

    • Methods

    • Running Workshops

    • Report Writing

    • Follow Up: Expanding & Renewing

    • Follow Up: Managing Testimonials


We guarantee that you will be delighted with our programme and the value that it offers. More specifically, by the end of the programme you will:

  • You will feel more confident in your business
  • Know exactly what your goals are
  • Know you your ideal client is
  • Add several warm leads to your pipeline
  • Your ‘proposal : win’ ratio will increase
  • You will be more comfortable approaching new leads

If this does not happen, we will work with you personally until it does OR, if you prefer, give you a full no-quibble refund within 60 days.

The Creators

Dr. Joe O’Mahoney is a Professor of Management Consulting at Cardiff University and a consultant to the consulting industry. He has advised companies such as McKinsey & Co., IBM, Deloitte and KPMG on innovation and helped numerous small consultancies grow successfully.

Joe's research on the consulting industry has been published in the world's top management journals, and his books with Oxford University Press are the best selling textbooks on the topic globally.

 Joe has taught and coached over 2,000 executives and MBA students on management consultancy and helped hundreds of students gain places at leading consulting firms. Joe's work has been recognised in an award from the British Academy of Management, several University prizes, and he was recently made the first Academic Fellow of the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes.  Joe has worked in a variety of different consulting roles, started three of his own firms (one of which was sold in 2007) and has worked with all the major consulting industry associations.

Dr. Simon Haslam works with around 500 senior leaders and directors each year. Simon co-owns the market and social research firm FMR Research Ltd, whose work has been cited in Westminster and Scottish Parliaments.

Simon is a double-finalist in the Institute of Consulting's ‘Consultant of the Year’ awards and is Chair of the Academic Fellows panel for the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes. He is founding editor of the academic publication, the Management Consulting Journal.

Simon is a Visiting Fellow at Durham University Business School and teaches consulting skills at management schools. He is Strategy Programme Lead for the Institute of Directors and runs workshops on business strategy. Simon is the author of ‘Consulting Skills for Social Researchers’ (published by Policy Press) and ‘Strategic Decision Making’ (written with Dr Ben Shenoy and published by Kogan Page) and joint author of handbooks on Leadership and Strategy for the Institute of Directors.


How do I get access?

You will be emailed a password for the online course.

Do I get access to everything immediately?

No, for two reasons. First, the course follows a logical progression, and skipping modules could cause confusion. Second, we try to keep each cohort at the same stage so they can provide maximum value to each-other. At the end of the course, you have access to everything anytime you want it.