The Pros and Cons of a consultancy career

Consulting: Careers in Consulting || The Pros and Cons of consultancy careers By Consulting Mastered - What are the downsides to being a management consultant? Management consulting is not all rainbows and butterflies. The work and lifestyle can come with some severe downsides. We break them down for you!

The Skills Needed to Succeed as a Management Consultant

How to Become a Business Management Consultant || skills needed to be a Management Consultant? - How bright do I need to be? Should I be creative or hard-working?  

The types of Management Consultancy

What types of management consultancy are there?

Consultancy around the world

Why don't the Italians spend on management consultancy? Why are the Brits and the Yanks so obsessed with the industry? Where's the best place to work? 

Strategy Consulting vs Implementer Consulting

How does strategy consulting differ from other forms of consulting? Is it really so much better?  

Two crucial consulting metrics

The interviewer asks if you have any questions. Ask them about these two metrics to blow them out of the water. 

What's it like being a Management Consultant?

What do consultants do? Is it stressful?

Working at the Big 4 Consulting firms

What makes the Big 4 special? Which is best? What types of consultancy do they do?

Behavioural Interviews for Management Consulting

How to pass behavioural interviews for consulting interviews

Up or Out in consulting firms

What's the up or out policy? Why does it exist? Why is it only in strategy consultancies  

Why consultancy keeps growing

Spend on consultants has grown at about 9% per year for 100 years. Despite frequent pronouncements of the 'disruption' of the industry, the rate of growth is not slowing. Why?  

How consultancy is changing?

How is the consulting industry changing? How will this affect your career? Is it still an attractive job?

Which consulting sectors & services are hot right now

If you want to accelerate your consulting career, work in a sector or service where demand outstrips supply.

Alternative routes into management consultancy

If you don't in through the front door of the big consultancies, there are other routes